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Startech Advanced Material GmbH is your partner on Norsorex® based personal protective equipment and technical products to absorb chemicals, impacts, vibrations and improve slip resistance. Startech is working with the wellknown brand Astrotech from former Astrotech Advanced Elastomerproducts GmbH for the near future.

Take the know-how from the producer of Norsorex®, the unique polymer.

Our Target

We want to keep and extend our position of being one of the most specialized companies in the elastomer world, standing for optimal solutions for absorption of impact energies, elimination of vibrations, absorption of hydrocarbon chemicals and improvement of grip.


Startech runs at the plant in Vienna a physical and chemical laboratory, Norsorex® polymer production, elastomer compounding, production lines for rubber foils, sheets and moulded parts. An assembling partner will be nominated in the next month to cover the production steps cutting, stitching, cemeting, etc.. Logistics, R&D and purchasing are fully concentrated in Vienna.

This concept guarantees a high level of quality, costs efficiency and flexibility for medium quantities produced in Central Europe under CE regulations - Cours de l'or.

Our R&D department is cooperating with TC of European Standard Institutes and leading brands worldwide based on the principal of OEM – production and / or licencing know how.

Body Protection

(personal protective equipment - PPE)

Startech Advanced Material GmbH has overtaken the business from former Astrotech Advanced Elastomerproducts GmbH, which was working since early 90's in this product field and had significant influenced the motorcycle standards EN 1621-1 and 1621-2 by proposing materials like Astrosorb (1621-1) and Memory Foam (1621-2).

With protectors for motorcycle clothing as a starting point in the past, further PPE for sports like Equitation, Soccer, Skiing, Boarding, Mountain-Biking and now Cycling were developed. Elements for safety footwear, ballistic jackets, bump caps and anti-vibration gloves show our broad know how.

Own raw material production without dependence from external sources, own testing equipment and own assembling facilities up to final protection vests, etc. result to high competence of Startech in terms of customer relates developments.

Base material groups
Norsorex® based impact protectors
Startech® net Shoulder, Elbow, Knee and Hip – Protectors EN1621-1

Norsorex® Sliding System – patented system – combination of slider and protector highly recommended for cycling.

Memory® Foam
Memory®20 Foam for Back protection EN 1621-2
Memory®15 Foam for Equestrian protection BETA 3
Memory®20 HT Foam for hot climate – back protection EN 1621-2
Memory®15 HT Foam for hot climate – Equestrian protection BETA 3

Memory TT for low temperature applications and GHIC Foams with 0,04 to 0,15 g/cm³for helmets

Plaster NT

Patented thermo – adaptive hard shell material for perfect fit to the body.

Norsorex® – Anti Vibration

New damping system to absorb vibration energies and to reduce structure borne noise by converting vibration energy into heat.
New technology based on worldwide exclusively by Startech produced polymer. The poly-norbornene, called Norsorex®, offers possibility of getting loss factor tan delta > 3.
Customer related material development and problem orientated application engineering from the anti-vibration specialist. Own DMA equipment available.
Large practical experience over 20 years with applications in:
Electronic industry (HD-sealings, feets)
Body protection (AV-gloves, grip systems)
Machine building industry (turbine sealing, silent blocks)
Automotive industry (anti shock element for doors, etc.)

New technology for rail systems

The well established technology for anti – vibration based on Norsorex® was now further developed for rail – systems and two new materials for customized products are available.

With this new materials exist now a competitive solution to improve / modify existing rail systems or set new technical standards for new investments in rail systems in regards of anti – noise and anti – vibration properties.

New technology for installations in buildings

Further compounds, based on polynorbornene – polymer Norsorex® were developed for building industry.

The products shown high absorption levels of noise and vibrations from cooling-, heating- and air conditioning systems. Products, especially pipe isolators can be combined with layers of special rubber compounds, which fulfill various fire protection requirements.

With this system is a revitalization of old installations or new investment – state of best technology – simple and cost effective possible.

Oil Absorption

Norsorex® APX is the solution for pollution deriving from hydrocarbons such as heavy oils, light oils, fuels, solvents, etc. There is no other material with such an efficiency on absorption. Take the best, take Norsorex® APX. Assure yourself of its tremendous performance!

Highly absorbing: 2 to 30 times its weight, typically ~10
Insoluble in water
100 % termic disposal, no ash content
Non toxic (LD50: >11g/kg, oral, rats)
Non biodegradable and harmless to aquatic fauna
Non mutagenic
Areas of Application
Absorption of oils and fuels:
Industry, Energy
Public safety, Airports and harbors
Surface transports, Waterways
Refineries, Laboratories

Waste Treatment:
Tank Cleaning, Industrial, military and nuclear waste
Isolation of underground storage tanks, Solidification of used liquids for transportation


With February 2007 we started the production of Norsorex® polymer, after taking over the business from Arkema / France. Due to the new regulation of the EC we had to handle the IPPC process and have finished in the last environmental investments in September 2008.

The plant produces now according to the highest environmental standards possible and as a result of this policy, we expect a long-term investment with future perspectives.

Norsorex® is available as a polymer in powder form or rubbers, based on Norsorex® and reacted process oils. See member area.
Norsorex®, a unique polymer for the rubber industry

The monomer Norbornene is produced via Diels Alder reaction of ethylene and cyclopentadien. The polymer Norsorex (polynorbornene) is obtained via ring opening polymerization of Norbornene.

The polymer has a molecular weight of around 3000000 g/mol and is roughly 30 times higher than standard grades of NBR. The distribution of cis and trans groups in the polymer prevent crystallization. The polymer is amorphous with glass transition of around 37° C.

The polymer has a high affinity to hydrocarbons and can absorb around 10 times of its own weight of oil. Also 300 phr of various fillers can be added, giving a reasonable rubber compound.
Main Applications

Protector – systems for personal protective equipment, bumpers
Sock-liners, mid-sole constructions for sport and work shoes
Protection elements for racing boots, etc.
Noise and vibration damping for rail, building and industrial applications, like sealings, feets for electronic equipment (microphones, load speakers, laptop, hard disc, reading heads for streamers)
Feets for washing and drying machines
Sealing for electronic systems
Ski parts, rackets parts
Automotive parts (bumpers, door sealing, front element sealing ), etc.
High Friction
Tires, transmission belts, toy tires
Transport rolls for copiers and feeders (shelf life 2,5 times higher then EPDM),
Climbing soles, slip resistant out-soles, floors, ski parts, rackets elements, etc.

Shoe products and adaptive systems

Astrotech Advanced Elastomerproducts GmbH is working since early 80`s in this product field and has produced/produce for main sport and safety footwear brands in Europe. Startech Advanced Material GmbH had overtaken also this business unit and proceed with the mentioned products in the following.

Due to the transfer of this kind of industry to Far East Astrotech was creating high specialized niche products, based on own materials like Norsorex®, stiff GHIC Foams with 0,10 g/cm³ and Plaster NT (patented).

Own raw material production without dependence from external sources, own testing equipment and own compound development give a high competence for this niche markets.
Base material groups

Norsorex® based impact elements – antistatic possible

Norsorex® heel inserts and sock-liners
Norsorex® ankle and shin protectors

Norsorex® foams for sport shoes – ask for our special folder

Norsorex® based out-soles

Norsorex® anti-slip winter compound
Norsorex® climbing and anti-slip compound

Memory® Foam

Memory®20 Auto-forming foam for sock-liners
GHIC10 stiff foam for filler elements in ski-boots

Astroshock® Foam – antistatic available

Astroshock®30 Shock distributing Foam for sock-liners

Plaster NT

Patented thermo–adaptive plaster material for perfect fit to the body.
Best cost/performance ratio, for hospitals only.

Grip & Tyre

Astrotech Advanced Elastomerproducts GmbH has overtaken the Norsorex® business from Arkema in 2006 and started developments for improved grip the following year.

The common and already commercialized products like:

toy tires and roller for feeder systems were used as a starting point for following developments:
Racing- and winter tyres
Transmission systems (conveyor belts, etc.)

The main advantages from Norsorex® compounds are the high tensile strength (up to 20 N/mm²) in combination with high friction coefficients over a wide temperature range. The temperature range can be adjusted to the demand (racing: 20 till 100 °C, winter tyre: – 40 till 40°C). Therefore also wet grip and ice grip can be improved.

Base material groups
Norsorex® based basic rubbers

Norsorex® 100 RAE – rubber
Norsorex® 100 PI – rubber

Norsorex® based compounds

Norsorex® Toy Tyre 35
Norsorex® Toy Tyre 45

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