Startech Advanced Material GmbH is your partner on Norsorex® based personal protective equipment and technical products to absorb chemicals, impacts, vibrations and improve slip resistance. Startech is working with the wellknown brand Astrotech from former Astrotech Advanced Elastomerproducts GmbH for the near future.

Take the know-how from the producer of Norsorex®, the unique polymer.

Our Target

We want to keep and extend our position of being one of the most  specialized  companies in the elastomer world, standing for optimal solutions for absorption of impact energies, elimination of vibrations, absorption of hydrocarbon chemicals and improvement of grip.


Startech runs at the plant in Vienna a physical and chemical laboratory, Norsorex® polymer production, elastomer compounding, production lines for rubber foils, sheets and moulded parts. An assembling partner will be nominated in the next month to cover the production steps cutting, stitching, cemeting, etc.. Logistics, R&D and purchasing are fully concentrated in Vienna.

This concept guarantees a high level of quality, costs efficiency and flexibility for medium quantities produced in Central Europe under CE regulations.

Our R&D department is cooperating with TC of European Standard Institutes and leading brands worldwide based on the principal of OEM – production and / or licencing know how.