• The common solution to absorb vibration energies and to reduce structure borne noise by elastic deformation is in a lot of cases not sufficient, especially at low frequencies. Using our own unique polymers, D-NOV is capabel to offer additional damping by converting vibration energy into heat.
  • Having high advanced and unique tool and process technologies to mold /vulcanize such new compounds in house, D-NOV can develope and manufacture multi-functional components using two, three or more materials in combination.

            Applications in:

  • Electronic industry (HD-sealings, feets)
  • Body protection equipment (AV-gloves, grip systems)
  • Machine and ship-building industries (turbine sealing, silent blocks, active sonar)
  • Automotive industry (anti shock element for doors, etc.)
  • Rail Systems
  • Building and Bridge structures



Antivibration glove D-NOV with good performance at low frequencies to improve the health and safety at work places.


Comparison of low frequency performance


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