Customized Compounds

Our outstanding capability is the production of polymers with unique properties. This polymers allow us to develope and manufactore vulcanize-able polymer compounds, specialized for

IMPACT DAMPING by combining absorption using elastic deformation and transfer into heat:

Protector – systems for personal protective equipment, bumpers
Sock-liners, mid-sole constructions for sport and work shoes
Protection elements for racing boots, etc.

ANTI-VIBRATION working at low frequencies and low stiffness with high compression set:

Noise and vibration damping for rail, building and industrial applications (microphones, load speakers, laptop, hard disc, reading heads for streamers)
Automotive parts (bumpers, door sealing, front element sealing ), etc.

HIGH FRICTION having high friction coefficients with high abrasion resistance

Tires, transmission belts, toy tires
Transport rolls for copiers and feeders (shelf life 2,5 times higher then EPDM)

Please also see our detailed product information, for registered customery only.