Shoe products and adaptive systems

Astrotech Advanced Elastomerproducts GmbH is working since early 80`s in this product field and has produced/produce for main sport and safety footwear brands in Europe. Startech Advanced Material GmbH had overtaken also this business unit and proceed with the mentioned products in the following.

Due to the transfer of this kind of industry to Far East Astrotech was creating high specialized niche products, based on own materials like Norsorex®, stiff GHIC Foams with 0,10 g/cm³ and Plaster NT (patented).

Own raw material production without dependence from external sources, own testing equipment and own compound development give a high competence for this niche markets.
Base material groups

Norsorex® based impact elements – antistatic possible

  • Norsorex® heel inserts and sock-liners
  • Norsorex® ankle and shin protectors

Norsorex® foams for sport shoes – ask for our special folder

Norsorex® based out-soles

  • Norsorex® anti-slip winter compound
  • Norsorex® climbing and anti-slip compound

Memory® Foam

  • Memory®20 Auto-forming foam for sock-liners
  • GHIC10 stiff foam for filler elements in ski-boots 

Astroshock® Foam – antistatic available

  • Astroshock®30 Shock distributing Foam for sock-liners

Plaster NT

  • Patented thermo–adaptive plaster material for perfect fit to the body.
  • Best cost/performance ratio, for hospitals only.


Please also see our detailed product information, for registered customery only.