Grip & Tyre

Astrotech Advanced Elastomerproducts GmbH has overtaken the Norsorex® business from Arkema in 2006 and started developments for improved grip the following year.

The common and already commercialized products like:

  • toy tires and roller for feeder systems were used as a starting point for following developments:
    • Racing- and winter tyres
    • Transmission systems (conveyor belts, etc.)

The main advantages from Norsorex® compounds are the high tensile strength (up to 20 N/mm²) in combination with high friction coefficients over a wide temperature range. The temperature range can be adjusted to the demand (racing: 20 till 100 °C, winter tyre:  – 40 till 40°C). Therefore also wet grip and ice grip can be improved.

Base material groups

Norsorex® based basic rubbers

  • Norsorex® 100 RAE – rubber
  • Norsorex® 100 PI – rubber

Norsorex® based compounds

  • Norsorex® Toy Tyre 35
  •  Norsorex® Toy Tyre 45


Please see also our detailed product information, for registered customery only.