With February 2007 we started the production of Norsorex® polymer, after taking over the business from Arkema / France. Due to the new regulation of the EC we had to handle the IPPC process and have finished in the last environmental investments in September 2008.

The plant produces now according to the highest environmental standards possible and as a result of this policy, we expect a long-term investment with future perspectives.

Norsorex® is available as a polymer in powder form or rubbers, based on Norsorex® and reacted process oils. See member area.
Norsorex®, a unique polymer for the rubber industry

The monomer Norbornene is produced via Diels Alder reaction of ethylene and cyclopentadien. The polymer Norsorex (polynorbornene) is obtained via ring opening polymerization of Norbornene.

The polymer has a molecular weight of around 3000000 g/mol and is roughly 30 times higher than standard grades of NBR. The distribution of cis and trans groups in the polymer prevent crystallization. The polymer is amorphous with glass transition of around 37° C.

The polymer has a high affinity to hydrocarbons and can absorb around 10 times of its own weight of oil. Also 300 phr of various fillers can be added, giving a reasonable rubber compound.
Main Applications

  • Damping
    Protector – systems for personal protective equipment, bumpers
    Sock-liners, mid-sole constructions for sport and work shoes
    Protection elements for racing boots, etc.
  • Antivibration
    Noise and vibration damping for rail, building and industrial applications, like sealings, feets for electronic equipment (microphones, load speakers, laptop, hard disc, reading heads for streamers)
    Feets for washing and drying machines
    Sealing for electronic systems
    Ski parts, rackets parts
    Automotive parts (bumpers, door sealing, front element sealing ), etc.
  • High Friction
    Tires, transmission belts, toy tires
    Transport rolls for copiers and feeders (shelf life 2,5 times higher then EPDM),
    Climbing soles, slip resistant out-soles, floors, ski parts, rackets elements, etc.

Please also see our detailed product information, for registered customery only.