Body Protection

(personal protective equipment - PPE)

D-NOV has developed a range of technologies, following the request of the protection standards EN 1621-1 and 1621-2 for motorcycling clothing and the Equestrian ppe.

With protectors for motorcycle clothing as a starting point, further PPE for sports like Soccer, Skiing, Boarding, Mountain-Biking and now Cycling were developed. Our newest technology A-XOC nano-damping is such outstanding, that we create an own chapter - see A-XOC. 

Our foam technology is already following the new requirements of the new PSA - Regulation from EC.

Memory® Foam: Foam for body protections with visco-elastic properties

Memory®20     Foam for Back protection     EN 1621-2
Memory®15     Foam for Equestrian protection     BETA 3
Memory®20 HT     Foam for hot climate – back protection     EN 1621-2
Memory®15 HT     Foam for hot climate – Equestrian protection     BETA 3

GHIC Foams with densities of 0,04 to 0,15 g/cm³for soft and flexible helmet solutions are under consideration of various famous brands.


Please also see our detailed product information, for registered customery only.