Body Protection

(personal protective equipment - PPE)

Startech Advanced Material GmbH has overtaken the business from former Astrotech Advanced Elastomerproducts GmbH, which was working since early 90's in this product field and had significant influenced the motorcycle standards EN 1621-1 and 1621-2 by proposing materials like Astrosorb (1621-1) and Memory Foam (1621-2).

With protectors for motorcycle clothing as a starting point in the past, further PPE for sports like Equitation, Soccer, Skiing, Boarding, Mountain-Biking and now Cycling were developed. Elements for safety footwear, ballistic jackets, bump caps and anti-vibration gloves show our broad know how.

Own raw material production without dependence from external sources, own testing equipment and own assembling facilities up to final protection vests, etc. result to high competence of Startech in terms of customer relates developments.

Base material groups
Norsorex® based impact protectors
Startech® net  Shoulder, Elbow, Knee and Hip – Protectors     EN1621-1

Norsorex® Sliding System – patented system – combination of slider and protector highly recommended for cycling.

Memory® Foam
Memory®20     Foam for Back protection     EN 1621-2
Memory®15     Foam for Equestrian protection     BETA 3
Memory®20 HT     Foam for hot climate – back protection     EN 1621-2
Memory®15 HT     Foam for hot climate – Equestrian protection     BETA 3

Memory TT for low temperature applications and GHIC Foams with 0,04 to 0,15 g/cm³for helmets

Plaster NT

Patented thermo – adaptive hard shell material for perfect fit to the body.


Please also see our detailed product information, for registered customery only.