Norsorex® – Anti Vibration

  • New damping system to absorb vibration energies and to reduce structure borne noise by converting vibration energy into heat.
  • New technology based on worldwide exclusively by Startech produced polymer. The poly-norbornene, called Norsorex®, offers possibility of getting loss factor tan delta > 3.
  • Customer related material development and problem orientated application engineering from the anti-vibration specialist. Own DMA equipment available.
  • Large practical experience over 20 years with applications in:
    • Electronic industry (HD-sealings, feets)
    • Body protection (AV-gloves, grip systems)
    • Machine building industry (turbine sealing, silent blocks)
    • Automotive industry (anti shock element for doors, etc.)

New technology for rail systems

The well established technology for anti – vibration based on Norsorex® was now further developed for rail – systems and two new materials for customized products are available.

With this new materials exist now a competitive solution to improve / modify existing rail systems or set new technical standards for new investments in rail systems in regards of anti – noise and anti – vibration properties.

New technology for installations in buildings

Further compounds, based on polynorbornene – polymer Norsorex®  were developed for building industry.

The products shown high absorption levels of noise and vibrations from cooling-, heating- and air conditioning systems. Products, especially pipe isolators can be combined with layers of special rubber compounds, which fulfill various fire protection requirements.

With this system is a revitalization of old installations or new investment – state of best technology – simple and cost effective possible.


Please also see our detailed product information, for registered customery only.